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Mizzen + Main

Shop the new collection of Mizzen + Main Sport Shirts at Island Trends. Mizzen + Main is an all American menswear company, tailored to the hard-working man always on the go. With it's stretch fabric and breathable material, you won't ever have to bring an extra shirt to the office again.

Mizzen + Main is an all American brand, tailored to fit the all American working man. Its performance sport shirt is unlike any other. With its stretch fabric for ventilation and movement, moisture wicking technology for those long days at the office or on the sales trail, and its sharp fit you’ll have a reliable performance dress shirt every day of the week. Mizzen + Main knows menswear. They know what it takes to be prepared for anything, and that it takes a good sport shirt to do that. The Mizzen and Main shirts are the perfect weapon to defeat anything standing in your way.

Not only do Mizzen + Main’s sport shirts require no maintenance, they’re wrinkle resistant and machine-washable. Also, they are moisture wicking, which means no more embarrassing underarm stains. You want to be the center of attention, but not for those unwanted smelly tie dye stains. The Leeward collection also features a stretchable fabric, made to let you run wild and free with the big dogs. Stretch those arms, you have room.

Most importantly, Mizzen + Main’s performance dress shirts look good. They are tailored to fit the modern man with just a slightly more fitted style. This collection of sport shirts are made with a stiff cuff and collar, so you don’t have to worry about anything out of place. The styles are classic American red, whites and blues with a little plaid and gingham patterns to mix it up. It’s the classic shirt updated to fit the modern American man, with its moisture wicking technology and stretch fabric. And it looks great.

Shop our collection of Mizzen + Main Men’s Sport Shirts online or at either of our beautiful Naples or Marco Island, Florida locations.

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